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enum  lcdgraph_datatype_e { LCDGRAPH_DATA, LCDGRAPH_COMMAND }
 Data type. More...


lcdgraph_result_e _lcdgraph_SendData (lcdgraph_datatype_e data_type, unsigned char *buffer, unsigned char buf_length)
 h/w level communication with LCD

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum lcdgraph_datatype_e

Data type.

Describes type of data passed to external function

LCDGRAPH_DATA  Passed data is raw data
LCDGRAPH_COMMAND  Passed data is a command for LCD

Function Documentation

lcdgraph_result_e _lcdgraph_SendData ( lcdgraph_datatype_e  data_type,
unsigned char *  buffer,
unsigned char  buf_length 

h/w level communication with LCD

Should be defined in user code. Takes care of transmitting data to the lcd. Must take care of all timings and other h/w stuff. May be called with no delays so should be blocking.

data_type Type of data passed to the lcd. Some data type may require special treatment during transmission (such as additional pin set or cleared)
buffer pointer to buffer (of type unsigned char *) with data to be transmitted
buf_length number of bytes stored in buffer to be transmitted
Return values:
LCDGRAPH_OK if all is ok
LCDGRAPH_TRANSMIT_FAIL if h/w error occured

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